【Solar PV System Design :3 】Can every family install a solar PV system?

What conditions are required for installing solar photovoltaic system on roofsvillas 1

After installing the solar photovoltaic system on the roof, under the premise of meeting the household electricity demand, the unused electricity can be stored in the battery for other time use, or can be sold to the power company; In this way, they can not only help themselves to save electricity bills and increase their income, but also be able to respond to power cuts in cities when energy is scarce. Of course, there are many other benefits to installing a PV system, so it is a good choice for both your own home electricity and as an investment.

What factors should we consider when building a photovoltaic plant? How do you know if your roof is the right place to install a solar pv system?

  1. Roof conditions
  2. geographical position
  3. Electricity price level
  4. Investment capacity

Roof conditions

1.House property right

Are you the owner of the house? The application for grid connection of the family roof needs the property certificate; If it is a high-rise roof, it usually belongs to the public area. If you want to install a photovoltaic system, you need to obtain the consent of all neighbors If it is a villa and not owned by individuals, it is necessary to sign an agreement on the construction, investment and payment of photovoltaic system, and it is recommended to sign a long-term lease contract, because the income of photovoltaic power generation system is at least 20 years

2.How much power pv power station can be installed on your roof area

How large is the roof area for installing solar photovoltaic system

You need to specify the purpose of installing the solar photovoltaic system:

Meet household electricity demand: It is recommended that you first calculate the household electricity cnsumption. Taking the 2KW photovoltaic discovery system as an example, the number of solar panels at 460W is about 5-6. The available roof area is required to be more than 14 square meters. If it is insufficient, it cannot be installed.

In case of investment:You need to consider that the maximum power generated by the solar panels installed on the roof can at least meet your own power consumption

3.Is the orientation of the roof suitable for the installation of pv power plants?

Is the roof facing north suitable for installing solar panel power generation system

For example: Take the United States and Europe, because these regions are located in the northern hemisphere, it is better to install solar photovoltaic power plants in the south direction, and the solar radiation is also the best. When the solar panels face south, the power generation is the highest. In summer, the solar radiation is strongest in the afternoon, and when the panel faces due south by west, the maximum power generation will be obtained; If it is winter, the maximum solar radiation angle will be cheaper to the east. Therefore, if you are in the northern hemisphere, as long as your roof is within ± 10 ° of the south, the power generation will not have much impact.

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4.roof pitch angles

The installation angle of photovoltaic power stations varies from place to place. The most appropriate angle is calculated by longitude, latitude, site angle, photovoltaic array, regional lighting conditions, etc.Different roof pitch angles will also have different installation schemes

The flat roof needs support to install the solar system 1

The most appropriate roof slope angle is about 15 ° (different from place to place); Moderate roof inclination is an important factor for installing solar power plants on urban roofs: if the roof is too steep, it will affect the safety and convenience of construction, and will greatly reduce the power generation efficiency of the power station in summer

The slope of the roof  also affect your installation cost: the roof can be divided into sloping roof and flat roof according to its shape. The roof with inclined plane does not need to be paved with supports, but is paved according to the slope angle of the current roof during installation. Because there is no need to consider the occlusion between components, components can be completely covered. Because we need to consider the shielding between solar panels, we need to buy supports for the flat roof.

5.Is there any shelter around the roof

The surrounding environment of the house is very important: not all roofs facing south can be paved with photovoltaic modules. We should consider that the surrounding trees and other buildings will not block the solar panels. Shadow shading will affect solar energy.

6.Roof bearing capacity

The roof shall be able to bear the fixed load, wind pressure load, snow pressure load and earthquake load of the roof, and also have enough capacity to bear the weight of photovoltaic modules, supports and photovoltaic cables.

If the roof meets the above conditions and you want to meet your own use, you can install a photovoltaic power station, but if you want to invest, you need to consider the issue of income and confirm whether you meet the following points:

geographical position

According to the international classification of solar thermal utilization regions, the regions with the best solar radiation intensity and illumination time in the world include North Africa, the Middle East, the southwest of the United States and Mexico, southern Europe, Australia, South Africa, the east and west coasts of South America, and western China.

Global solar radiation distribution map

1.North Africa is one of the regions with the strongest solar radiation in the world.

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt have great potential for solar thermal power generation. The total annual solar radiation in Algeria is 9720MJ/m2, that in Morocco is 9360MJ/m2, and that in Egypt is 10080MJ/m ‘. The total annual solar radiation of Tunisia, Libya and other countries is more than 8280MJ/m3.

2.The total annual solar radiation in southern Europe exceeds 7200MJ/m2.

The annual total solar radiation of Spain is 8100mj / m2, that of Italy is 7200mj / m, that of Greece is 6840mj / m2, that of Portugal is 7560mj / m, and that of Türkiye is about 400tw · H. The southern region of Spain is one of the most suitable regions for the construction of solar thermal power plants. It is also one of the countries with the highest level of solar thermal power technology and the largest number of solar thermal power plants

3.The United States is one of the regions rich in solar energy resources in the world

The total annual solar radiation in the first category areas of the country is 9198~10512MJ/m2, including all of Arizona and New Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and the south of Texas. The total annual solar radiation in Class II areas is 7884-9198MJ/m2, including Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. The total annual solar radiation in the three types of areas is 6570~7884MJ/m2, including most areas in the north and east of the United States. The total annual solar radiation in the four types of areas is 5256~6570MJ/m2, including most parts of Alaska. The total annual solar radiation in the five types of areas is 3942~5256MJ/m2, including only a few areas in the northernmost part of Alaska.

4.Australia is also rich in solar energy resources

The total annual solar radiation of the first class areas in China is 7621~8672 MJ/m2, mainly in northern Australia,. The total annual solar radiation in Class II areas is 6570~7621MJ/m2, including central Australia. The total annual solar radiation of the three types of areas is 5389~6570MJ/m2, which is located in southern Australia. The vast area of central Australia is sparsely populated and desert land, which is suitable for large-scale solar energy development and utilization

Electricity price level

In areas with high electricity prices, if the price of electricity sold by installing grid connected photovoltaic power stations is high, more electricity will be saved by installing off grid photovoltaic power stations. Therefore, you need to calculate whether you can obtain the highest income based on the regional and electricity price conditions.

European electricity price level distribution map

ps:The darker the green, the latest price

If you are in these areas, and your home has many electrical appliances and high power consumption. You can be very relieved to install photovoltaic power stations for your family, which will bring you great benefits.

Investment capacity

The essence of roof mounted photovoltaic power station is an investment. You only need to make a one-time investment to achieve a stable income of at least 20 years. However, the revenue of the solar photovoltaic system is a continuous process, which may take several years to recover the cost,You need to be patient.

If the above conditions are met, your roof is very suitable for installing photovoltaic power generation system.

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