【Solar PV System Design :1 】What is a solar PV system ?

Solar pv system design

Because some potential buyers and neighbors often ask us all kinds of questions about working with home solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. For example: Can our house be equipped with a solar photovoltaic system? How much revenue will we get if we install the system? How much power should it have? How does the system work without the sun? There are many other problems. So we are going to write a series of articles on 【Solar PV System Design】。The whole series of articles will be divided into the following sections:

  1. What is solar photovoltaic(PV) system?
  2. What benefits can the system bring to us?
  3. Can every family install a solar photovoltaic system? Which conditions are suitable for installing the system.
  4. How to design the most suitable solar PV system?
  5. If the system has been installed, how do we maintain and clean  solar panels it?

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1.Reasons for the emergence of solar photovoltaic system

For tens of millions of years, human ancestors cut trees, cut wood for cooking and heating, and now use coal for thermal power generation. We continue to consume the earth’s resources and produce carbon emissions in the process, polluting the environment on which we live. As a result, the ecological balance of nature has been seriously damaged. As the earth’s resources are increasingly scarce, humans must develop renewable green energy sources. wind, solar, geothermal energy, biomass energy are our best choices.

Among these kinds of energy, solar energy is the most easily used energy for ordinary people. The solar photovoltaic power generation system with affordable price is very popular. In the past few years, more and more industrial, commercial and residential enterprises began to build their own solar photovoltaic power stations to supply power for themselves.,

2.The solar PV system is very popular. Do you know what he is?

Solar PV system, also known as solar cell power generation system and PV solar power generation, refers to a system that converts solar radiation energy into electric energy through PV effect of solar cells.

solar cell power generation system

The structure of the whole power generation system is shown in the figure above. The captured light energy of the system can be converted into electric energy for bidirectional transmission. In case of overcast weather, rain, lack of solar radiation or insufficient energy provided by the current system, the battery can provide energy for the system load. When the solar radiation is sufficient, it is only necessary to provide energy to the load through the solar cell.

3.Advantages of solar PV power  system

  • No waste water and waste gas, no air pollution
  • There is no combustion process in the electric conversion process, and no fuel is required
  • No need to rotate like wind power, no noise
  • Operation reliability and high stability
  • Maintenance is required after installation, which is simple
  • The battery panel has a long life and can still maintain more than 80% of the standard power after 25 years
  • Strong expandability, easy to expand scale according to needs

4.Main types of solar energy system

Solar panel system can be divided into two main types according to whether it is connected to the power system – grid connected or (off grid).

  • The grid connected system is connected to the local power grid, and the off grid system is not connected to the power grid, so it needs to store electricity through the battery. The inverter of the grid connected system has no power storage capacity. The power used by the solar energy customers using the grid connected system at night needs to be provided by the power grid. Of course, the excess energy generated during the day is sold to the local power grid through the system called the net metering system to obtain income.
  • The off grid solar energy system stores the electricity generated during the day through the storage battery, and supplies the electricity by the storage battery at night

Solar energy systems can be divided into three types according to the application fields: centralized, residential and public and commercial.

  • Centralized PV power stations are generally government power stations, which mainly transmit the converted electric energy directly to the power grid, and the power is uniformly distributed by the power grid to supply power to users.
  • Residential PV power generation system is mainly used by users, and can also be supplied to residential areas
  • The industrial and commercial PV power generation system is mainly installed on the roofs of industrial and commercial buildings and public facilities. The PV power generation system is connected to the power grid for operation, mainly for self use, and the surplus power is sent to the power grid。This is also the application of distributed PV power generation and  building integration PV (BIPV)

5.Basic composition of solar photovoltaic system

Main components: solar panel, power regulator, battery, load and control protection device:

  • Solar panel: you can see the poly solar panel and MONO solar panel(m6-cell-serial、m8-cell-serial、m10-cell-serial、m12-cell-serial) provided by WinSeven solar
  • Power regulator: including inverter and grid connection protection device
  • Battery: no need for grid connected solar system, users can store electric energy

Equipment information of solar photovoltaic system and how to select these equipment?I will explain in the following 【How to design the most suitable solar PV system?】 articles

6.How does the solar system work?

Different types of solar photovoltaic systems do not work in the same way, including equipment, which varies according to the type and use of the system.

  • The following figure shows the grid connected solar photovoltaic system for residential use. The solar energy is captured by the panel to generate DC power. The DC power is converted into the power grid by the power regulation equipment and can be used together with the AC power provided by the power company.
  • Installation demonstration effect of a complete set of grid connected solar photovoltaic system

    The off grid power generation system captures the light energy by the solar panel, converts the light energy into electrical energy for use by the load, and at the same time, stores the excess electricity into the storage battery. Power is supplied to the load by the battery at night or in rainy days without light radiation.

    This system is widely used. The lawn lights you see in the city, the courtyard lights in residential areas, the mobile communication base stations far from the power grid, and the rural or suburban areas in remote areas may all be supplied by the off grid solar system.

    A complete set of off - grid solar photovoltaic system installation demonstration effect

7.Pay attention to the end of this article

Solar photovoltaic power generation is a big concept, which is far more than what I described. I just share what I know with you. If there is any wrong description, you can contact me in time( ).Of course, if you have any questions or need help in choosing a suitable home solar panel system, you can also contact us in time