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400 watt 108cell Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels PV module 400 watt

Mono Perc 395/400/405/410/415w Half-Cell High Efficiency PV Module

Brand: WinSeven OR OEM SERVICE
Color: Full Black/Silver
Cells Number: 108cells
Solar Cell: Mono 182x182mm 10BB
Power Ranger: 395-415w
Size: 1724*1134*35(mm)
Type: Monocrystalline
Max Power: 415W
Warranty: 25 Years

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The mature passivation emitter back contact (PERC) technology and cell half cutting technology have raised the durability and performance of  WS415m10-54h to a new level. The reflective layer design can enable the solar cell sheet to absorb more light energy and improve the energy capture by more than 10%; The 54 fast Cell was cut into 108 Cell pieces, reducing the Cell size, improving the service life and reducing the resistance, thus improving the conversion efficiency of the module to 21.2%.

21.2% conversion efficiency

Through continuous innovation in the field of solar energy technology, the conversion efficiency of this solar panel is stable at 21.2% and can generate 415w power. The high-efficiency panel can generate more power under the condition of extremely small size and improve the cost recovery speed

High quality standard

High end and highly automated manufacturing equipment is used in the production line, and our products are subject to strict and high standard tests before leaving the factory, so as to ensure the high quality of products

Low power loss

Even after 25 years of use, PV module 400 watt can still retain 80% of the power level


The solar panel supports a number of mounting options, the panel can adapt flat surface mounts (Z-bracket, tilt adjustable bracket) and pole/wall installation Despite the smaller wattage output, the panel can be used for many applications such as solar system, gate opener, security system, solar lighting, electric fences, battery maintainer, etc.


Uses high performance solar cells encapsulated in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate)
Pre-installed bypass diodes inside junction box that minimize power drops caused by shading


The solar module is Anti-reflective, high transparency, low iron-tempered glass which with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance. we provide complete protection against environmental particles and low pressure water jets.

Install solar photovoltaic modules of the most appropriate size according to the size of the house Half-Cell Solar Panels parameter sheet, clarify the advantages of this specification of PV module

Mono solarmodul 400 watt and higher efficiency 400Wp 400Watt 400 W solar panel, higher conversion efficiency , higher capacity and power output performance per unit area.

As follows some advantages of 9BB 400 watt solarmodul for your reference:

Reduction of transportation costs 4%
Reduction of land costs 3%
Reduction of installation costs 2.5%

Reduction of BOS-costs 1.5%

Higher solar module efficiency lower solar system cost per watt .

If you are an end users , we can offer more detail information to you. So that you can get the satisfied solar power system for your home solar generator solution or factory solar system plant .

Any more doubts , you can ask our professional products consultant.

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400 watt 108cell Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels PV module 400 watt