555MW of new PV installations in the UK in 2022 and 14.3GW by 2023

55% of the UK's total installed capacity in 2023 will come from ground-mounted arrays or stand-alone solar installations.

According to provisional data from the UK government, 555MW of new PV capacity was installed in the UK by the end of December 2022, up 4% from December 2021, with a cumulative 14.3GW and over 1.2 million installations

The highest proportion of growth is accounted for by 1 to 4kW PV rooftop projects, with 288.6MW of new capacity as of the end of December 2022 and 3169.1MW of cumulative capacity, compared to 2880.5MW in 2021 and 2764.1MW in 2020. the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) shows that UK households installed 130,596 PV systems last year , an increase of 115% over 2021 and the highest level of annual deployment since 2015.

Installations of large-scale PV projects between 5MW and 25MW have grown by only 23MW since 2021. cumulative installed capacity in this sector was 4358.5MW by the end of 2022, 4335.5MW in 2021, and 4320.5MW in 2020. no additional PV capacity above 25MW was installed in the UK in 2022, and since 2021, the Cumulative installed capacity in the sector has remained at 1728.7MW since 2021, while reaching 1653.7MW in 2020.

By the end of September 2022, 55% (7,739MW) of the UK’s total installed capacity will come from ground-mounted arrays or stand-alone solar installations.