A guide to import solar panels from china:what you need to know

How Do I Import Solar Panels From China

Solar energy is potentially the world”s most exciting renewable fuel resource,and the industry has expanded at an incredible rate in China over the past decade.Many countries choose to import solar panels from China,because China is bringing affordability to the table.

The process that encompasses importing solar panels can be quite time-consuming and require many steps.It is essential for businesses and proprietors to be aware of all the steps involved with importing solar panels. This article covers the factors to be considered while selecting a solar panel producer in China. Panel quality,market regulations,anti-dumping obligations .


Panel quality

China’s producers are used to producing goods in accordance with the specifications of their buyers. But the solar market is a little uneven.Because There Are Many Middle Trader in China, Their Price does not match the real voltage.

Specifications of solar products

Confirm the performance parameters of the solar panels: When communicating with the supplier, you need to request the performance parameters of the solar panels, such as rated power, conversion efficiency, photovoltaic conversion efficiency, etc. You can use these parameters to evaluate the performance of the solar panels and choose the one that suits your needs.Some important parameters:

  • Mobile efficiency
  • Number of cells:66 cells per module 
  • Solar panel dimensions
  •  Solar panel weight
  • Power rating
  • Maximum voltage
  • Maximum current
  • Output tolerance
  • Frame material
  • Front (specify busbar and coating)
  • Rear (specify busbar and substrate)

If you have special needs for performance, you may begin by developing a brief checklist of core quality specifications and asking your suppliers to suggest suitable products.440 460M10 60HEN 00

Check the certification

When reviewing manufacturers for solar products, first determine if the manufacturer is producing solar panels according to industry standards. This can easily be found out by requesting the common pv product certifications. After receiving the certifications, verify the authenticity of the pv certificate on-line at for instance TUV Rheinland.

Certifications on your solar panels provide the standards for the profitability and security of your investment. All standard solar panels should be certified. Common solar panel (pv) certifications are CE/J-PEC/TUV/INMOTRE.

Supplier after sell service

Checking the supplier’s after-sale service is an important step when buying solar panels. 


The majority of Chinese producers provide a 25-year guarantee. Nevertheless, the estimate includes efficiency loss (input vs. output). According to claims made by many providers, solar modules will produce between 90% and 95% of their capacity within the first ten years and between 80% and 85% in the next 15 years.

Technical support

If you encounter any technical issues or have questions about your solar panel system, it’s important to have access to reliable technical support. Checking the supplier’s after-sale service can help ensure that they provide technical support and have knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions and help resolve any issues.


The way the panels are shipped can affect the quality of the panels, and poor shipping practices can cause solarmodules to break.

Market regulations

Rules and regulations

There are many rules and regulations that one must follow when choosing to import solar panels. During the installation process, the codes one must adhere to are building codes, fire codes, and electrical codes.

In the majority of instances where PV panels are installed, the National Electrical Code needs to be adhered to. This states that a qualified professional is needed to assemble such electrical equipment. A necessary degree of knowledge, such as licensure or certification, ensures that safety precautions are taken.

MOQ for solar panels in China

Most solar panel plants in China determine the minimum order quantity (MOQ) based on the container. For example, a supplier may define the MOQ as one 20GP.

Some suppliers have MOQ requirements that are much lower or nonexistent.,because some manufacturers may have warehouses in your country.Most manufacturers offer a lower MOQ when ordering regular models.

Samples of the solar panel

It is possible to order product samples from almost all solar module suppliers.You can get samples directly with your sales manager.You only need to pay for the sample and shipping costs.You may think that shipping costs are high, but this method will reduce your loss of buying low quality panels.


Anti-dumping obligations 

The following is a quick overview of the present situation in the U.S., the Canada and India 


Back in 2012, the U.S. International Trade Commission imposed anti-dumping tariffs on solar modules made in handful of Southeast Asian countries.In June, 2022, the Biden Administration announced a 24-month tariff exemption on the import of solar panels from a handful of Southeast Asian countries. Those countries include:Cambodia、Malaysia、Thailand、Vietnam.In May, 2023,US House of Representatives votes to resume solar tariffs.


In June, 2015,Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) made a final ruling on the anti-dumping and countervailing investigation of photovoltaic modules and wafers imported from China, finding that China’s photovoltaic industry is a non-market economy industry,imposed anti-dumping tariffs.


An anti-dumping duty is levied on solar modules imported from China, Malaysia and the United States. The tariff rate for solar panels manufactured in China is 100% to 110%.


As previously stated, solar trade with China will be subjected to a tariff. Anti-dumping duties come into play when China, are priced significantly below the common price that it is sold in your country. This duty protects the local businesses and saves domestic jobs, which would otherwise decline due to the low prices available elsewhere. 

Do you intend to purchase Chinese solar panels?

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