Considerations When Picking Your 500 watt Solar Panels-Wholesale Solar Panel

500 watt solar panels price

A 500 watt solar array can run a laptop, TV, phone chargers, fans, and any appliance or device under 500 watts. In ideal weather the solar panels will produce 3000 watts a day.

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500-watt Solar Panels come in all shapes and sizes. When deciding on where and how you will be mounting your panels, take panel dimensions into consideration–especially with rooftop applications. For example, small panels with higher wattage allow you to get the most out of a rooftop with limited space, but come at a higher cost per watt.



Solar panels generally come in two color types; silver, black, or a mix of both. Color has no effect on performance, so choosing the right solar panel color is completely up to your personal tastes.
All premium 500 watt solar panels come in all black option only, while more cost-effective solutions come with an aluminum trim option, both panels come with a 25-year warranty and are built to last.


Cell Chemistry

Mono PERC technology has become the standard for most residential and commercial solar panel applications. “N-Type” chemistry brings a higher caliber of efficiency (about 2-4% more efficiency points).
Solar panels with Mono PERC cell chemistry are suitable for most applications. However, solar panels with N-type chemistry are better if you’re working with limited space and looking to maximize efficiency per square foot.



Comparing the price of different solar panels typically comes down to looking at cost-per-watt. For example, panels with a higher cost-per-watt are more expensive, but are usually more efficient, meaning you can get more power out of fewer total panels. To help decide which panels are right for you, first take a look at your available roof space and your monthly power usage. That way, you can start to compare the prices of different panels on a cost-per-watt.

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