Do something to slow the degradation of solar panels

5 Keys to Slowing Solar Panel Degradation

Read Effect of degradation rate on the power output  to know the disadvantages of solar panel degradation,Of course, there are ways to reduce the degradation of solar panels.This includes the materials used to manufacture the PV modules, the assembly process, the installation process, maintenance practices, and even the weather.

Material used to manufacture the solar panels

PV modules made of high quality materials degrade at a slower rate, and most PV modules that are part of the accelerated solar panel degradation are caused by LID, PID and backsheet failures, and these degradation mechanisms are partly caused by material defects.

Other materials and technologies can be used to slow corrosion and reduce solar panel degradation. Solar panel systems have been proven to last at least 25 years in degraded conditions, but some of the solar industry’s pioneering companies have improved the technology and offer 30-year PV warranties.

Assembly of modules

Solar panels don’t just need to be made of high quality materials, they also require the most rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure optimal performance.

Panel manufacturers need to continuously improve manufacturing technologies that can reduce solar panel degradation and extend the life of PV modules. Choosing a suitable solar panel manufacturer is the most critical and important step when you purchase solar panels.WinSeven SOALR  has 16 years of experience in manufacturing solar panels, and the panels produced have passed several international certifications, a brand you can trust.

Correctness of the installation process

When transporting and handling solar panels during installation, the modules are subject to mechanical stress. This stress can lead to degradation of the solar panel due to backsheet failure and partial power loss or damage to the PV module.

To reduce solar panel degradation caused by cracked backsheets and to extend the life of PV modules, it is recommended that the modules be handled and installed properly by a certified professional. If you are a DIY solar PV system and have no experience in this area, it is recommended that you read the installation and shipping instructions carefully before designing.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is an important strategy used to reduce the degradation of solar panels in both large and small applications. Keeping solar panels in top condition by cleaning.Read Tutorial on cleaning solar panels to know the method of cleaning.

Weather takes its toll on the panel

Weather phenomena are not a variable that can be controlled, but they can be considered when installing PV modules and performing maintenance to avoid further degradation of the solar panels.

Not only is it important to choose PV modules with better mechanical properties, but it is even more important to find a professional team. When analyzing a PV system prior to installation, a professional team will consider the location and historical weather conditions to ensure that the installation is feasible. WinSeven SOLAR team designed the 4MW BIPV of ZhongBei  project taking into account the company’s coastal location and analyzed historical disaster conditions, and during the design and construction process, improved the safety of the entire roof system in terms of counterweight, reinforcement, and vibration dampening to reduce the probability of panel breakage.