Effect of degradation rate on the power output of solar panels

Effect of degradation rate on the power output of solar panels

When choosing solar panels for your home’s solar PV system, there is more to consider than just price. Extremely low prices may seem attractive at first glance, but will your investment be worth it in 10 or 20 years?

What is solar panel degradation?

Solar panel degradation includes a series of effects through which PV modules reduce their efficiency year after year.Most solar products on the market today degrade by an average of 0.5% per year, and each percentage lost can have an increasing impact on your solar system.So the degradation rate of solar panels is one of the important considerations when we choose solar panels.

Various factors can affect a solar array’s degradation rate:Aging is a major factor affecting the degradation of solar panels, which can cause corrosion and delamination, and also affect the performance of photovoltaic materials.Other degradation factors affecting PV modules include light-induced degradation (LID)、potential-induced degradation (PID)、environmental factors (climate、temperature),、material.

Impact of solar panel degradation

Solar panel degradation is caused by aging and affects not only large PV installations, but is present in every rooftop PV installation worldwide. This is why it is of concern to homeowners with rooftop PV systems and to households that consume solar energy from the grid.

The higher the degradation rate, the higher the energy loss experienced by the PV system over its entire life cycle. Solar panel manufacturers often establish references for degradation rates, and each module type typically has a performance guarantee chart that shows the expected yield as a percentage relative to the number of years.

All solar panel systems degrade over time, but some lose their production capacity much more slowly than others. This information underscores the importance of installing high-quality PV modules manufactured by reliable companies and maintaining the solar arrays. To ensure that your solar system operates at the highest level and that the PV system lasts longer, it is important to choose a quality solar solution.

WinSeven Solar solar panels are designed to last. In contrast to traditional solar solutions that lose 17% of their power output within 25 years, our newest series of products (540Watt MONO Bificial Module & 600W high wattage solar panels) are already guaranteed not to lose more than 17% of the original DC power output of your panels during the 30-year warranty period.

WinSeven Solar’s technicians are currently working on extending the life of PV modules and developing technologies to reduce further degradation of solar panels. It is believed that the future PV module products will have an all-round improvement over the models we are using now.