23.68! HJT component efficiency set another world record

HJT efficiency Report

    FuJian JinShi ENERGY CO., Ltd. released a microcrystalline HJT component, the authoritative TV NORTH DE test certification, the efficiency of this microcrystalline HJT component reached 23.68%, a world record.

This unit uses high-efficiency microcrystalline heterojunction cells, combined with the company’s advanced heterojunction package technology, to achieve the “three high” electrical parameters of high current density, high voltage and fill factor. The conversion efficiency is 0.9% higher than that of the amorphous heterojunction cell. The conversion efficiency of the microcrystalline N/amorphous P heterojunction cell is 0.5% higher than that of the amorphous heterojunction cell, and the conversion efficiency of the two-sided microcrystalline heterojunction cell is 0.4% higher than that of the single-sided microcrystalline heterojunction cell.

Compared with the planned capacity, the capacity to be built is less, mainly because the production cost of HJT is higher than that of traditional PERC batteries.

However, with the reduction of equipment localization, silver pulp and other costs, and the “efficiency + cost reduction” benefits brought by the improvement of conversion efficiency, it is expected that HJT will reach the same cost range as PERC in 2022