Japan's Tokyo requires new homes to install solar panels

Japan's first regulation for new individual homes new homes in Tokyo must be equipped with solar panels from April 2025

Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly held a plenary session on the 15th and voted to adopt a policy that “requires the installation of solar panels on new homes in Tokyo from April 2025”. This is the first time in Japan that a law has been enacted for new individual homes. The Tokyo government also plans to make effective use of a large number of building rooftops to develop solar power projects in order to reduce household carbon emissions.

Under the new law, homeowners who meet the requirements are obliged to install solar panels on their roofs:

  1.  Large residential buildings such as buildings and apartments
  2. Single-family houses of less than 2,000 square meters

Builders are required to report the number of new houses built to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government each year and calculate a target power generation capacity based on the number of new houses built. The builder will choose how to install solar panels within the target power generation capacity.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, approximately 50,000 new homes are built each year. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government expects that 20,800 of them will be eligible for the installation of solar panels. Of these, 96%, or about 20,000, are eligible for installation in (2). As a result, it is estimated that an additional 40,000 kilowatts of solar power will be generated each year after the new system is implemented. The amount of solar power generated in Tokyo in FY2020 is 646,000 kW, which will result in an increase in power generation of about 6%.

Solar panels cost about $10,000 to install, and WinSeven SOLAR’s solar PV system offers even more of a price break. According to calculations by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the cost can be recovered in 10 years by consuming electricity for domestic use in the home and selling excess electricity. However, some customers are still worried about the burden caused by the installation cost of solar panels. In response, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will introduce a rental subsidy policy to reduce the financial burden on home buyers.