Long-Lasting Solar Panels-Advanced Solar Technology From WinSeven

500watt solar panel

With the addition of WinSeven Solar Panels, you can become a part of the global effort to reduce carbon emissions while also generating revenue from your solar panel installations.

Our Solar Panels are ideal for usage on rooftops, commercial buildings, solar farms, floating solar panels, and more. Built with the highest quality, our rigorously tested panels guarantee energy generation for years to come.

Photovoltaic Technology

Our Solar Panels are made of monocrystalline solar cells sandwiched between a tempered glass facing layer and a black or white back sheet, making them perfect for large-scale solar installations. All our panels are held together in our anodized metal frames that are engineered for maximum strength and durability.

WinSeven Solar Panels can produce up to 500W per standard-sized module and 800W for our Solar Panels. WinSeven utilizes the highest performing, most scalable solar technology option on the market, including our new solar panels- WS505m10-66h.

Available in various options, WinSeven panels are treated with an anti-soiling coating that minimizes the accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface of the glass, making the panels virtually maintenance-free.

In addition, WinSeven uses a patented anti-reflective coating which ensures high solar transmittance and increased efficiency.

WinSeven Solar Technology

WinSeven Solar Panels don’t just provide high-quality photovoltaic technology—you also get durable, long-lasting panels made in a leading, automated manufacturing facility.

WinSeven Solar Panels are optimal for residential rooftops, commercial buildings, solar farms, and floating panels. Competitively priced and easy to install WinSeven Solar Panels make adoption on any application even more simple.

These high-performing, durable, and maintenance-free solar panels can generate up to 800W of energy, helping to meet energy demands while also providing clean, carbon-neutral energy. These solar panels are especially useful for utility-scale installations of solar farms or over agricultural fields.