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132cell Mono Half-Cell 500 watt Solar Panels -WS505M10-66H

Mono Perc 485/490/495/500/505w Half-Cell High Efficiency PV Module solar panel

Brand: WinSeven OR OEM SERVICE
Color: Full Black/Silver
Cells Number: 132cells
Solar Cell: Mono 182x182mm 10BB
Power Ranger: 485-505w
Size: 2094*1134*35(mm)
Type: Monocrystalline
Max Power: 505w
Certification: CE/J-PEC/TUV/INMOTRE
Warranty: 25 Years

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WS505m10-66h 500 watt Solar Panels is the new model of our company. We are constantly innovating solar photovoltaic products. In the process, we have been considering how to improve the power and reliability of products. This solar panel improves the power output greatly compared with the traditional panel, and the power of this model can reach 21.3%. At the same time, the quality has also been greatly improved: the possibility of lightning streaks and hot spots has been greatly reduced, which can cope with even worse weather.Suitable for solar powered water pump and 10kw solar system

Beautiful design

The silver outer ring frame and the battery panel make this panel very attractive on the roof. At the same time, each battery panel has tempered glass to protect the battery from damage

Improve quality

Durability is one of the advantages of 500 watt solar panel: the high hardness aluminum frame enables the solar module to withstand a load pressure of 5400 PA. If you are in an area where bad weather often occurs, this panel is definitely your best choice

The conversion efficiency is as high as 21.3%

The conversion efficiency of this solar panel is as high as 21.3%, which is far higher than the average level of the whole market.


Install solar photovoltaic modules of the most appropriate size according to the size of the houseThe specification can know the model, power conversion rate, voltage and other information of solar photovoltaic modules

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132cell Mono Half-Cell 500 watt Solar Panels -WS505M10-66H