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Micro inverter

Micro inverter


micro inverter using IP67 waterproof streamline design, can effectively prevent rainwater on the surface erosion. It can better track the change of solar luminosity and control different output power by the MPPT function, to effectively capture and collect sunlight. It can also automatic shift local grid voltage to 120V or 230V AC output.

During operation, users benefit from integrated software solutions: Our products increases PV yields even in the event of partial shading, while detects electric arcs effectively and can reliably reduce the risk of fire.​

Micro inverter 1

Product Features

Reactive power compensation

The inverter supports reactive power compensation and meets the requirement of the UL certification in USA.


The inverter is equipped with a component-level monitoring function, with a MPPT design of a maximum of 4 channels.

Quick remote shutdown

The quick remote shutdown feature guarantees the safety and reliability.

Compatible with 500W photovoltaic array

The maximum DC input current is 12.5A, compatible with 500W photovoltaic array.

PLC, Zigbee or WIFI communication

The feature can be realized by PLC, Zigbee or WIFI.

10 years warranty

IP67 protection grade 10 years warranty

Application Scenarios

Household PV

Household PV

3MW BIPV of zhong jin

Industrial and commercial PV

Ningbo Xiangshan 25WM Yuguang Complementary Power Station power generation projects

Ground PV

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