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Industry and Commerce PV
Up to 610 W
Module Power
Up to 21.6%
Module Efficiency
12 Years
Product Warranty
30 Years
Linear Performance Warranty

Core Advantages

WS590-610M12-60HBF 610w 600watt HALF CELL MONO Bificial solar panels

WS590-610M12-60H/BF 590 W to 610 W

HALF CELL MONO Bifacial Module

WS590-610M12-60H/BF series modules are made by advanced package technology to significantly reduce series resistance of module. It generates more power output.


Application of 210mm large silicon chip technology

High Efficiency

Application of 210mm large silicon chip technology
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Withstand Heavy Loading

Front load 5400 Pa and Rear Load 2400 Pa
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Multi-Busbar Design

nine-busbar design improves current collection capability.
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Bifacial Energy Yield

backside of bifacial modules increases energy yield
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Smart Cutting

Lossless cutting reduces risk of cracking
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Common Problem

WinSeven has four series of solar module products: 182mm TOPCon, 210mm PERC,182mm PERC,166mm PERC . And each series contains bifacial and monofacial module. 166mm PERC and 182mm PERC is mainly used on industrial, commercial and residential roofs. Both bifacial and monofaical of 210mm PERC,182mm TOPCon with 72-cell is mainly for large ground-mount power plants.

WinSeven Solar promises a 12 years Material & technology warranty and 25 years Linear power output warranty.If there are any quality issues you can contact the supplier for warranty details. You are more than welcome to contact us to know more about our warranty.

Bifacial modules are slightly more expensive than monofacial modules, but can generate more power under the right conditions. When the rear side of the module is not blocked, the light received by the rear side of the bifacial module can significantly improve energy yield. In addition, the glass-glass encapsulation structure of the bifacial module has better resistance to environmental erosion by water vapor, salt-air fog, etc. Monofacial modules are more suitable for installations in mountainous regions and distributed generation rooftop applications.

WinSeven Solar’s product engineering team has worked in deep collaboration with leading EPCs, structure and component providers to create a module that is part of an integrated system solution. By incorporating feedback from industry partners, we has designed a module that is optimized for form, function, and cost.

All the solar panels and solar systems need to be maintained.Please contact our Customer Services Specialist and get more information about our products and maintenance guidance.

How many solar panels you need to power your home depends on factors such as your electricity consumption, how much of the consumption you plan to cover with solar panels, your roof capacity, and number of sunshine hours in your area. Usually, a 4kW solar panel system for an average house will consist of 16 solar panels with a 250W power output.

Free solar system design before you place order

Approved by CE TUV ISO9001 ISO14001 Certifcation Authority

25 Years linear power warranty

Using the most advanced inveter makes sure the solar system works in highest effciency

Strong enough to withstand big snow ,wind and hail

Various mounting brackets for ground , rooftop , carport installation

7*24 Professional service

Free replacement

Installation Guidance Service until your solar system start working well

Using solar panels is a very practical way to produce electricity for many applications. The obvious would have to be off-grid living. Living off-grid means living in a location that is not serviced by the main electric utility grid.

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