Solar market value rises to 24.661 cents per kWh in December 2022

Solar PV Energy Market Value

Average exchange tariffs and market values for PV and wind plants increase significantly again in December 2022.

Compared to November 2022, the market value of solar energy increased from 15.374 cents to 24.661 cents per kilowatt hour. As a result, it rose more strongly than the price of electricity on the stock exchange, which rose to 25.162 cents per kilowatt hour. The market value for onshore and offshore wind did not climb as sharply either – onshore wind increased to less than half a cent per kilowatt hour at 14.164 cents. For offshore wind, the market value rose from 14.414 cents to 20.054 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The strong winds coming at the end of the year ensured that prices at the power exchange were sometimes negative. this was the case on Thursday, December 29, between 00:00 and 7:00. Even on New Year’s Eve, when the burden was quite low due to the holiday also falling on the weekend, the prices on the power exchange were only briefly in the positive zone between 8:00 and 9:00 am and between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. For the remaining 22 hours, the exchange tariffs were negative. This situation continues until January 1 – up to and including 2 p.m. During this period, the operator of the PV system does not receive any remuneration for its feed-in tariff in the mandatory direct marketing.

Solar market value appreciation means solar installations will be even hotter. This is evident from the following events:

  • Indian Capital Territory state of Delhi approved a draft PV policy for 2022, targeting 6GW of installed PV capacity over the next three years; this will reduce carbon emission problems and create more than 12,000 new jobs.
  • UK’s Octopus Energy invests in Spanish renewable energy company
  • Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan Government requires new homes to be equipped with solar panels
  • India’s Waaree to boost module plant capacity to 12GW
  • French renewable energy giant Neoen to build 272MW solar park in Portugal

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