The world's second largest stadium rooftop photovoltaic system completed

largest stadium rooftop photovoltaic system completed

German system integrator Badenova has completed the construction of a 2.4MW rooftop solar array on the roof of its Europark stadium, announced Freiburg Football Club.

The solar facility is the second largest football stadium photovoltaic system in the world, behind the 2.5MW rooftop array deployed at the Mane Garinsha National Stadium in Brasilia, Brazil.

Freiburg’s rooftop PV system is expected to come online in September, when it will be certified by Fraunhofer ISE and VDE, the test and certification body.

Some 6,000 heterojunction solar modules from The Swiss company Meyer Burger were installed on a 15,000-square-metre roof. Badenova invested about 2.3 million euros ($2.3 million) in the system and has a 20-year license.

Badenova’s subsidiary Badenovaw? Klaus Preiser, Managing Director of RMEPlus, said: “We want to set an example not only of sustainability and innovation for similar projects, but also of component quality and sourcing.

Oliver Leki, SC Freiburg board member, explained: “This project is a real milestone for our new Europark stadium and demonstrates the importance SC Freiburg places on sustainability and environmental protection.”

(Credit: pv-magazine)