Photovoltaic power station installation solutions for different roofs

What are the solutions for different rooftop PV power stations

With international energy shortage, the distributed photovoltaic (pv) power market in recent years, more and more users began consulting with the installation of photovoltaic (pv), roof in our urban and rural areas can be seen everywhere, cities have their own villa roof, since country has a large building, the roof forms, so what kind of roof for installation of photovoltaic power station? What are the solutions for different roofs?

 What kind of roof is suitable for installing photovoltaic power stations?

The building roof can be divided into slope roof and flat roof according to its shape. Theoretically, any form of roof can be installed with photovoltaic system. As a professional photovoltaic equipment provider, we suggest that attention should be paid to the adaptability of the system design with the house structure and the coordination with the surrounding environment. In addition, during the installation of household distributed photovoltaic system, several problems must be solved, such as the safety of construction and trial work, the convenience of grid connection, and the maintainability of building roof.Further details of roof conditions are provided in 【Solar PV System Design :3 】Can every family install a solar PV system?


 What are the solutions for different rooftop PV power stations?

1.Distributed photovoltaic system for household use on pitched roof

For the conventional pitched roof scenario, there are different solutions for the structural differences in different areas. Conventional installation method: aluminum alloy bracket and C steel bracket installed along the roof, the base is fixed under the tile in the form of hook, which does not affect the original drainage; For uncovering tile inconvenience and local customs and other special circumstances of the area, can use the form of overhead bracket fixed components, the form does not destroy the original waterproof, and applicable to a variety of tile.

Distributed photovoltaic system for household use on pitched roof 1

2.Flat roof household distributed photovoltaic system

In the conventional flat roof scenario, different solutions can be provided according to the poured slab and prefabricated slab roofing. Through the combination of various arrangement schemes, different sizes of roofing can be handled, and the roof utilization rate can be improved to the maximum extent, and the electricity generation of photovoltaic power station can be increased.

Flat roof household distributed PV system

3.Photovoltaic garden, photovoltaic sun room/shed

Photovoltaic yard, sunlight room/shed and other photovoltaic systems, not only achieve the purpose of photovoltaic power generation, avoid the risk of leakage of users’ roof, but also provide users with a place to drink tea, cool, chat and sit quietly, deeply favored.

photovoltaic sun roomshed 1


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