What I Wish to Know About Off Grid Solar System Before Getting Solar Panels?

Solar Panels Cost By Types

Maybe you’re curious about off-grid solar, but you’re waiting for the right time to take the plunge. There’s no better time than the present. Disconnect from the limitations of dependence with an off-grid solar system.
If you’re ready to get independent lifestyles, an off grid solar system might be the solution. Free yourself from unexpected rate increases, monthly utility bills, and fossil fuel consumption with off-grid solar power.

Do You Need Permits To Build off the Grid?

Depending on where you live, you may need a permit before you can set up your solar system. We recommend that you could check the local regulations in your area before you start installing a solar panel system.

Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems Cost By Size

Now, we’re going to get into what your solar setup will end up costing you. Keep in mind that these estimates do not include installation costs. If you’ve already determined how much energy you use and the size of the solar power system that you need, use this list to gauge its approximate cost:

200 W Solar System

A system of this size isn’t enough to power an entire home. However, you could use it to supplement your other independent energy sources, like wind turbines.

250W Solar System

This system is suitable for a tiny home with low energy needs. You need to live in a sunny climate for this off-grid system to provide sufficient solar power. If you have relatively low energy usage and you live in a location with plenty of sunshine, this might be the right system for your needs.

300W Solar System

Take your remote cabin or tiny home off the grid with this setup. Like the previous options, this kit relies on a sunny climate and moderate to low energy usage.

500W Solar System

For most houses, this system will provide sufficient solar power to meet your energy needs. It can run loads for 2 days without sunlight and power appliances like a small fridge, coffee machine, and washing machine.

1 kW Solar System

Do you live in an area with a cloudy climate? Is your energy usage higher than the average household? If so, consider this solar system for your off-grid home. It’s perfect for a moderately sized home with appliances like an internet modem, blender, and stereo system. You can buy a complete off-grid solar panel kit.

8 kW Solar System

For businesses with high energy usage, this solar setup is the way to go. You can trust that you’ll have enough power to meet the electricity demands of a commercial business. Or, use this system in your household to power the most demanding appliances, including furnaces, air conditioners, and ceiling fans.

Solar Panels Cost By Types

Your solar panel system is just as unique as the location you live in. Depending on what you want from your off-grid setup and how much power you need, you might choose one type of system over another. We’re going to explain several different types of solar panels you can choose.