What to Know About Using 12 Volt Solar Panel Batteries in Your Solar Installation

12 volt solar panel

How do 12 volt solar panels work?

When shopping for 12 volt solar panels, it can be helpful to understand how they work. Photovoltaic solar panels are made up of many solar cells made of silicon. These cells have both a positive and a negative layer, which creates an electric field. When sunlight hits your solar panel, it creates an electric current. This current, pushed by voltage, passes through the wires and components in your system.

Should I go for a 12V system or do I need a higher voltage system?

Win7 Solar 12 volt systems are the most popular option for solar installations due to its versatility.

12v systems are good for many DIY solar scenarios, such as:

1. RVs/motorhomes/vans
2. Camper trailers

How to charge 12v battery?

In addition to solar panels, you can also charge your 12V battery through grid power and alternators. But the other two ways will not be as economical as solar panels which offer access to clean and free solar power.

How to install 12 volt solar panel?

This approach can significantly help ensure longer sunlight hours to produce solar energy.


Step 1: Affix the solar panel.
Make sure that the solar panel faces the sun when affixing it.


Step 2: Connect the battery and the controller.
The second step is to link the 12-volt battery’s cable to the charge controller. The solar charge controller is known for being a valuable component for averting overcharging. This component does a great job of interfacing the batteries and the solar panels. Hence, it helps regulate the solar energy from solar panel systems to batteries.


Step 3: Inspect the charge controller.
For this step, you’ll need to check your charge controller. Once your controller is already linked to the 12V battery, turn it on and inspect if it’s working correctly.


Step 4: Connect the charge controller to the solar panel & the battery to the inverter