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WS340M6-60HB Mono Black Half-Cell Solar Panels

Mono Perc 320/325/330/335/340w Half-Cell Black High Efficiency PV Module

Brand: WinSeven OR OEM SERVICE
Color: Full Black
Cells Number: 120cells
Solar Cell: Mono 156x156mm 9BB
Power Ranger: 320-340w
Size: 1678*1002*35(mm)
Type: Monocrystalline
Max Power: 340w
Certification: CE/J-PEC/TUV/INMOTRE
Warranty: 25 Years

120cells WS320-340M6-72HB Mono Perc Half-Cell Solar Panel all with A Grade for on-grid & off-grid use for residential and public rooftop & ground mounting solar PV Power System.With a high efficiency of 19-20.2%, the use of new all-black modules is a powerful and aesthetically pleasing design, so that your roof will look beautiful using it

High performance

We also provide a 12-year product warranty with a low degradation rate up to 25: The decrease in output will be limited to 2% in the first 12 months and will not exceed 0.54% per year thereafter. After 25 years, the panel will operate at no less than 80% of the nominal power.

A Solar panels that can withstand any kind of weather

The high-tech black aluminum frame is certified to withstand high snow and wind loads. The assembly can withstand a load of 5400 Pa.

19-20.2% Excellent efficiency

The new single-crystal panel converts sunlight into electricity with an efficiency of 19-20.2%. More importantly, advances in technology have made panel efficiency more sustainable, reducing the threat of degradation.

Excellent power generation efficiency

It will generate 30-50% more power in a limited space compared to traditional Poly solar panels, so for residential systems, this is one of the best panels to be installed on the roof, and has a super strong frame and intermediate support for extended life and sustainability.

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WS340M6-60HB Mono Black Half-Cell Solar Panels