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WS460M8-72H 440watt-460W Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels

Mono Perc 440/445/450/455/460w Half-Cell High Efficiency PV Module

Brand: WinSeven OR OEM SERVICE
Color: Full Black/Silver
Cells Number: 144cells
Solar Cell: Mono 166x166mm 9BB
Power Ranger: 440-460w
Size: 2094*1038*35(mm)
Type: Monocrystalline
Max Power: 460w
Certification: CE/J-PEC/TUV/INMOTRE
Warranty: 25 Years

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Application scenario of solar panels

144cells WS460M8-72H Mono Perc Half-Cell Solar Panel all with A Grade for on-grid & off-grid use for
residential and public rooftop & ground mounting solar PV Power System.

case:3MW BIPV of zhong jing

We use advanced cell technology in the manufacturing process to improve efficiency and reliability

The panel’s cells use passivated emitter back contact (PERC) technology, which increases energy by 12 percent through a reflective layer on the back. This design enables the solar cells to absorb extremely high levels of photon energy.

In addition, the panel uses half-cut battery technology. The WS460M8-72H solar cell is half the size of a conventional panel. The advantage of using half-cut technology is that it can maintain high life, reduce power loss and better low light performance

Power and Efficiency Improvements

WinSeven add PID resistors and special glass lamination on the top to obtain efficient and durable models, the WS460M8-72H photovoltaic panel can output a maximum power of 460w in a standard test environment

Panels capable of handling severe weather such as hail, snow, etc.

The aluminium frame and protective tempered glass enable this  PV module to withstand loads of 5400 Pa, thus resisting the worst weather.

440watt-460W Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels Features

Performance-wise, half-cut cells can increase panel efficiencies by a few percentage points. And in addition to better production numbers, half-cut cells are more physically durable than their traditional counterparts; because they are smaller in size, they’re more resistant to cracking.

*Excellent module efficiency up to 21.16%
*IP68 junction box for long-term weather endurance
*Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa, wind load up to 3600 Pa
*Selected material and stringent quality system ensure PID free
*Applicable to harsh environment of deserts, farmlands and seasides
*Much lower risk of hot spot


By viewing the LF460M8 72H 440watt 460W Mono Half Cell Solar Panels parameter sheet clarify the PV module details of this specification 1

460M8-72H 440watt-460W Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels parameter sheet, clarify the PV module details of this specifications

Project figure

166 9bb 460w mono PV 166 9bb 460w mono solar panel Mono Perc 440445450455460w Half Cell High Efficiency PV Module

Project video

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WS460M8-72H 440watt-460W Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels