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590W-610Watt Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels | WS605M12-60H

Mono Perc 590/595/600/605/610w Half-Cell High Efficiency PV Module

Brand: WinSeven OR OEM SERVICE
Color: Full Black/Silver
Cells Number: 60cells
Solar Cell: Mono 210x210mm 12BB
Power Ranger: 590-610w
Size: 2172*1303*35(mm)
Type: Monocrystalline
Max Power: 610w
Certification: CE/J-PEC/TUV/INMOTRE
Warranty: 25 Years

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120cells WS590-610M12-60H Mono Perc Half-Cell Solar Panel- 590w solar panel is one of the latest products manufactured by winseen solar. This component uses perc technology to capture more sunlight with a special reflective layer, which is 17% more efficient than the traditional panel. On this basis, the most popular half cutting technology is also adopted for the battery. The 120 battery pieces make the WS590-610m12-60h have lower resistance loss. In addition, we also use thinner wires to connect the battery panels. This way, the panel will have 610W power and also be bright in appearance,He has been in many projects Jinmanyu Material 1.66MW rooftop PV power station

Improvement of conversion efficiency

The use of perc technology makes the power of this panel reach 610W, and the conversion efficiency reaches 21.55%. If you buy this panel, it can help you reduce the return time of your investment

quality and reliability

The facilities of our whole factory are highly automated to avoid a certain amount of problems caused by human beings. Meanwhile, WS590-610m12-60h needs to be tested to a high standard during the whole manufacturing process to ensure quality and reliability

Able to work under extreme environmental conditions

WS590-610m12-60h is made of 35mm aluminum frame and protective tempered glass material. It can withstand mechanical loads up to 5400 PA and is resistant to PID, salt, acid and ammonia.

590W-610Watt Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels Features

Solar Cell

Solar Cell
> High efficiency 5BB PV solar cell
> Uniform color
> Anti-PID
> Germany standard Cell
> Full test
> Ture clear low iron glass> Translucency of normal luminance is increased 2%
> Solar module efficiency is increased 2%
> Self-clean function
> Service life 25 years
Humanized design
> More protection with practical and effective design
> Prevent the aluminum frame from scratching the hand
> Using the rain to clean dirt remaining on the solar module

Solar panel

> Stock-size
> Silvery and black
> thickness customized
> stress test.
Junction box
>Conventional standalone edition and engineering custom edition
> Quality diode ensures module running safety
> IP67 protection level
> Heat dissipation
> Long service life
Back sheet
>Low moisture permeability against snail trail defect
>Excellent electric insulation for high system voltage up to 1500v
>Outstanding weatherproof performance

590-610M12-60 module specification 590 610M12 60HEN 00

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590W-610Watt Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels | WS605M12-60H